ACE Training

About Us

Our experts redefine human capital development.
We strive to create tangible results by combining cutting edge
technology with creative learning solutions.


At our core, ACE is a company that cares about helping people learn. We create custom
solutions to help any group of individuals achieve a learning objective.

Our transformation driven solutions are focussed on tangible results.

We collaborate with governmental organisations and private corporations to address challenges in education. We use creativity, cutting-edge technology and age-old principles to change behaviours, influence choice and mentally equip learners of all ages.

ACE has been encouraging transformation for the last decade. In the current age of information, we believe individuals need to be re-educated on how we learn. We believe organisations need to rethink how they are educating those around them. We shy away from conventional education solutions. We are fixated on tangible results that create transformations, which is the fabric of all our solutions.

Our Journey


A team of experienced Engineers established its training and development arm to train budding engineers in IT and Telecommunications.


Training activities were established in Indonesia and Singapore. Cross border and online courses were first developed.


Training activities were established in Philippines. Non ICT related programs were embarked upon for the first time.


ACE Training was established as a standalone entity.


ACE Training increasing portfolio

At ACE we have a distinct vision which drives all our various initiatives to the same goal: 

to redefine the way the world learns. 

With the maturing of the internet and the evolution in technology, the world has information in its fingertips all the time. The way people have been educating themselves and each other in the past will no longer be relevant. At ACE we strive to pioneer this new revolution leading the way into the new age of education.

The people at ACE will take on any assignment, as long as it creates change in education. We have delivered courses, built portals, operated services, consulted authorities and executed a whole host of other engagements. Our successes are attributed to the brilliant people who work with us.