ACE Training


Our broad range of expertise allows us to provide services
that cover the entire spectrum of the learning life cycle.


At ACE we are passionate in creating value and all the services we perform are
guided by this.

Our emphasis is more on the broader education agenda then individual training sessions.

Kids 2 Tech

We design and deliver training courses across a wide array of topics covering various segments.

Our K2T program aims to handhold children introducing them into the digital age. The aim of this program is to create a generation of tech savvy individuals comfortable and confident in dealing with cutting edge technology.

Virtual Classroom

Located in Technology Park Malaysia, ACE Academy is fast positioning itself to become the classroom of the future.

The Virtual Classroom hosted by ACE Academy aims to connect students and teachers with the usage of cutting edge technology. This solution enables students to have a classroom learning experience despite the teacher being hundreds of miles apart.

Game Based Learning

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ACE is developing a number of solutions based on GBL and its future trend. We are excited at the promise of these solutions as well as the new and interesting doors it further opens up.idly.


Corporate Training

At ACE we look beyond classroom trainings. We love to learn about new technology, and the various ways you can use it.

Businesses have various requirements and needs to be fulfilled by their training partner. With today’s fast paced environment off-the-shelf training isn’t productive. Unique companies and learners require customised training and delivery methods to suit their individual needs.


ACE has been involved in MicroLearning for over 2 years despite the industry being in its infancy.

ACE has been involved in MicroLearning for over 2 years despite the industry being in its infancy. Being one of the leaders in designing and delivering MicroLearning solutions, we have witnessed the potential and benefits of this approach. The level of engagement, relevance and consumption is unparalleled.



ACE Training upskills in excess of a thousand people each year.

Today’s working environment is constantly changing. This results in skillsets becoming irrelevant quicker and new skillsets becoming mandatory more often. This phenomenon is resulting in a greater need for Upskilling to retain the productivity levels of the workforce.